Spring is coming? ~ End of February

I put a big question mark because Siberian blast hits the UK and Europe this week, the entire of the UK are covered with snow. It is causing lots of disruptions : – roads are blocked, trains and flights are cancelled and schools are closed.  The day temperature dropped to -4°C this morning here.

Did not do much gardening work this month, only pruned two roses  and nothing in the allotment, it has been either too wet or too cold. Hope March will be different.


the photos were taken this morning

The greenhouse in yesterday  morning- taken before snow
drawing from nature
Not afraid of cold 

The following photos were taken at the last weekend, just before the cold hits.


When we first moved here, there were nothing under the hedge. I put lots of bulbs in, only spring bulbs flowered. It looks they will flower again this year.

The leaves from last year in the green house are still growing. The seedlings(cucumber, tomato and reddish etc)  in the room are too high and thin 😦

The amaryllis is on the third year. The above was at the end of last month. The second is now. Can you see the bloom stalk? Strangely it grows leaves first.

Pruned  two roses  and get them ready to bloom again

Found another snowdrop in the front garden 🙂

No matter what happens, Spring is definitely coming…


Snowdrops at Moggerhanger

The sunshine was  gorgeous today, couldn’t wait to go out. Went to Moggerhanger Park to see snowdrops. There were some posters which were very informative.

We had a good look around. It was half-term, the park was full of kids. The house was still closed, will come again.

Did you know these ?

Are they beautiful?


Finally face up! – with help

Along the woodland trails there are some view points.



Have a good weekend!


Signs of Spring ~ End of January 2018

At the last two days of January the sun was out. Although it was bitterly cold and windy,  I had a quick walk in the nearby park in the morning and again at lunch time,  and also had a look around the garden. The daffodils and crocus are in buds, the tulips are pushing through, and my only snowdrop is in flower! Feeling the warmth in the sunshine,  Spring is underway…

Park in the morning
park at lunch time




Still closed, probably because it was too cold

I am glad I did the walk, today is back to gloomy and bleak. It has been raining the whole day.


Silence in a Village

Last week Weekly Photo Challenge:  Silence

Turvey  is a small village located  on the River Great Ouse in Bedfordshire, England. We visited it because of  one friend’s recommendation, she learned iconography in Turvey Abbey.

We got there around 1 pm in a sunny  Saturday afternoon. Most of houses were  beautiful  stone cottages in the village. But surprisingly streets were quiet,  just a few  people were at outsides, occasionally some cars passed through a main road. When we walked around, felt like intruders,  I even felt that I had to hold my breathe, otherwise we would break the silence .

We found the Abbey and the Monastery, but  didn’t enter,   didn’t want to disturb them.

Took as many photos as I could, then left. When I looked at  them again, I can still feel the stillness.

cute bus stop
All Saints Church
church yard
pub- another visitor?
Who are you, strangers?



the Monastery – a lady is on retreat – silence
Observing silently

Rose Puff Pastry Cake

Two big jars of rose jam made from rose petals in last June is brewed and ready to use now. This weekend  is wet and cold , it is good time to stay inside and learn to bake rose puff pastry cake.

As the roses are pink, the jam became  brown colour after six month in the fridge. Mixed the jam with roasted black sesame and glutinous flour to make fillings.

Four hours later, the cakes are ready. When I eat it and the sweet smell reminds me the warm , beautiful summer time.





I would like to share two photos that went viral on Monday in Chinese social media.


The photo shows one eight years old boy’s  dirty and swollen hands on his school exam paper, he got 99/100. He lives in a poor, remote rural village in China with his sister and his grandma. His father is a migrant worker who works in  a big city.  The boy walks 4.5 km to get to school from his home. It takes him about more than one hour.

This week Weekly Photo  Challenge is  Weathered. I am thinking of this image.


His hair and eyebrows were covered with frost after the long walk to school in freezing temperature. The  day the photo was taken the temperature  was -9  degree Celsius.

That’s determination!