Rain is back and I am back to blogging

Rain is finally back after two and half months and the heatwave stopped!

Haven’t updated my blog for about four months. The excuse is too busy, too hot, too lazy, or all of them.

Took some photos last week after the rain stopped. Can you feel the coolness ?


20180809_223045-1261855588.pngThe only rose in the garden

img_3067-c-2075484460.jpegThe petunias have been blooming since June, don’t care about the heat and drought. I grew them from seeds.



It is raining again today! Enjoying the day without the scorching sun.

Smile ~ when the sun is out

The sun was out for two days last week after several days continuous rain during Easter break. Even only two days, the sunshine made everything in the garden smile!

and me.

I made the most of it.  Besides  work,  I think I should have taken the two days off ,  I tidied up the front and back gardens,  pruned and cut back hydrangeas and fuchsia, managed to mow the lawn for the first time this year and then took photos of flowers at different time of a day(morning before work, lunch break and after work) and from different angles.

smile together


looking towards the sun

IMG_8102_5 white_tulip
fully open at noon

Does the sunshine make people happy? I think so.

End of March ~Spring is here!

Finally spring is here ~ bright yellow daffodils are fully opened and tulips are in buds  although the rain is continuously  pouring down at this Easter weekend and the central heating is on all day.

After the big “Beast from East” at the end of February,  the “Mini Beast” came in the middle of March. Embraced two day bitterly cold, the temperature has gone up a bit. And also the clocks moved forward one hour, the British Summer Time started last Sunday, now  there are more daylight  in the evenings. It makes people feel happy.

Still haven’t done anything in the garden and in the allotment because of snow and rain. Only visited the allotment once last weekend.

Planed to work on the gardening and digging at the Easter break. The rain didn’t want to stop. So took some photos in the garden between rains and then watched TV, cooking, feel like Christmas.  Hope April ( tomorrow) the weather can improve .

Have a lovely Easter!

Bought and planted just before last Christmas from clearance sale

In the pot


Survived from the frozen weather

we are new

the only special daffodil left, probably it can’t grow year after year


Waiting for flowering

At the end of last month, it was a tiny flower stem, now in full bloom

All vegetable plants were moved to the greenhouse yesterday although it is still cold.  Must have confident in them.


Looking forward to April!

Spring is coming? ~ End of February

I put a big question mark because Siberian blast hits the UK and Europe this week, the entire of the UK are covered with snow. It is causing lots of disruptions : – roads are blocked, trains and flights are cancelled and schools are closed.  The day temperature dropped to -4°C this morning here.

Did not do much gardening work this month, only pruned two roses  and nothing in the allotment, it has been either too wet or too cold. Hope March will be different.


the photos were taken this morning

The greenhouse in yesterday  morning- taken before snow

drawing from nature

Not afraid of cold 

The following photos were taken at the last weekend, just before the cold hits.


When we first moved here, there were nothing under the hedge. I put lots of bulbs in, only spring bulbs flowered. It looks they will flower again this year.

The leaves from last year in the green house are still growing. The seedlings(cucumber, tomato and reddish etc)  in the room are too high and thin 😦

The amaryllis is on the third year. The above was at the end of last month. The second is now. Can you see the bloom stalk? Strangely it grows leaves first.

Pruned  two roses  and get them ready to bloom again

Found another snowdrop in the front garden 🙂

No matter what happens, Spring is definitely coming…

Signs of Spring ~ End of January 2018

At the last two days of January the sun was out. Although it was bitterly cold and windy,  I had a quick walk in the nearby park in the morning and again at lunch time,  and also had a look around the garden. The daffodils and crocus are in buds, the tulips are pushing through, and my only snowdrop is in flower! Feeling the warmth in the sunshine,  Spring is underway…

Park in the morning

park at lunch time




Still closed, probably because it was too cold


I am glad I did the walk, today is back to gloomy and bleak. It has been raining the whole day.


Rose Puff Pastry Cake

Two big jars of rose jam made from rose petals in last June is brewed and ready to use now. This weekend  is wet and cold , it is good time to stay inside and learn to bake rose puff pastry cake.

As the roses are pink, the jam became  brown colour after six month in the fridge. Mixed the jam with roasted black sesame and glutinous flour to make fillings.

Four hours later, the cakes are ready. When I eat it and the sweet smell reminds me the warm , beautiful summer time.




First Growth

The year 2018 is here, a new year, a new start!

Took down all  decorations at the weekend, the holiday season is finished,  then went to the allotment to see how the vegetables were growing  and then to a garden centre.

The theme of this Weekly Photo Challenge is Growth.

Growth in the allotment: broad bean, garlic and celery.


Growth in the Garden Centre:


Growth at home:


Snow, snow…

Haven’t seen snow for a long time, probably more than two years. So when I opened the curtain on Sunday morning (10 Dec) , saw the snow falling and the ground was covered in a thick blanket of white, became very excited.

Took some photos on the way to the church. It was still early, the snow wasn’t disturbed. My hand holding an umbrella was frozen.

Several children were playing snow in the street.  We started to sweep snow on our driveway and the street as soon as it stopped,  also helped our old neighbour.

Managed to drive to work on next day, all of colleagues were in the office except the manager!






IMG_5549_副本too heavy



20171214_120012116375127.jpgBack to live