End of March ~Spring is here!

Finally spring is here ~ bright yellow daffodils are fully opened and tulips are in buds  although the rain is continuously  pouring down at this Easter weekend and the central heating is on all day.

After the big “Beast from East” at the end of February,  the “Mini Beast” came in the middle of March. Embraced two day bitterly cold, the temperature has gone up a bit. And also the clocks moved forward one hour, the British Summer Time started last Sunday, now  there are more daylight  in the evenings. It makes people feel happy.

Still haven’t done anything in the garden and in the allotment because of snow and rain. Only visited the allotment once last weekend.

Planed to work on the gardening and digging at the Easter break. The rain didn’t want to stop. So took some photos in the garden between rains and then watched TV, cooking, feel like Christmas.  Hope April ( tomorrow) the weather can improve .

Have a lovely Easter!

Bought and planted just before last Christmas from clearance sale
In the pot


Survived from the frozen weather

we are new
the only special daffodil left, probably it can’t grow year after year
Waiting for flowering
At the end of last month, it was a tiny flower stem, now in full bloom

All vegetable plants were moved to the greenhouse yesterday although it is still cold.  Must have confident in them.


Looking forward to April!

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