I’d rather be…not working on any sunny days

This week Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…

Last Friday was warm and sunny, about 12°C. I knew from the weather forecast the weekend would be quite different- the Mini Beast from the East was coming, snow , freezing again, the high temperature would drop to below zero.  While sitting in the office, looking at the blue sky and bright sunshine, and listening birds chirping outside, I was thinking I’d rather be in a park and basking in the warm sunshine , than here, in the office, working!

Took some photos of the park in the early morning before work. There are many crocuses under a big tree.  I visit them nearly everyday if the weather is permitted.  They are in full blooming now.

IMG_7318_in the morning
in the morning
IMG_7315_in the morning
Close look in the morning
IMG_7178_before snow
Close look at lunch time
IMG_7636-in the snow
lunch time on Sunday
IMG_7640-in snow
Fighting the cold
Today ~ after snow

So I’d rather be taking photos of the beauty of nature on any sunny days.