Rose Puff Pastry Cake

Two big jars of rose jam made from rose petals in last June is brewed and ready to use now. This weekend  is wet and cold , it is good time to stay inside and learn to bake rose puff pastry cake.

As the roses are pink, the jam became  brown colour after six month in the fridge. Mixed the jam with roasted black sesame and glutinous flour to make fillings.

Four hours later, the cakes are ready. When I eat it and the sweet smell reminds me the warm , beautiful summer time.





I would like to share two photos that went viral on Monday in Chinese social media.


The photo shows one eight years old boy’s  dirty and swollen hands on his school exam paper, he got 99/100. He lives in a poor, remote rural village in China with his sister and his grandma. His father is a migrant worker who works in  a big city.  The boy walks 4.5 km to get to school from his home. It takes him about more than one hour.

This week Weekly Photo  Challenge is  Weathered. I am thinking of this image.


His hair and eyebrows were covered with frost after the long walk to school in freezing temperature. The  day the photo was taken the temperature  was -9  degree Celsius.

That’s determination!

First Growth

The year 2018 is here, a new year, a new start!

Took down all  decorations at the weekend, the holiday season is finished,  then went to the allotment to see how the vegetables were growing  and then to a garden centre.

The theme of this Weekly Photo Challenge is Growth.

Growth in the allotment: broad bean, garlic and celery.


Growth in the Garden Centre:


Growth at home:


Happy Christmas 2017!

Went to Amsterdam for a long weekend at the start of the December. The city was looking festive with Christmas light and decoration. Amsterdam Light Festival was taking place.  In every evening we wandered around the city.  Went on Water Colours  Cruise in one night, it was an amazing experience.


Back to the UK , for the community group Christmas social, I brought a roast duck and spring rolls. Found a very easy and  convenient way this year to dry the duck but didn’t get chance to take photos after it was roasted as we were late.

On Christmas Day, had roast beef.




Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Peaceful New Year!

Snow, snow…

Haven’t seen snow for a long time, probably more than two years. So when I opened the curtain on Sunday morning (10 Dec) , saw the snow falling and the ground was covered in a thick blanket of white, became very excited.

Took some photos on the way to the church. It was still early, the snow wasn’t disturbed. My hand holding an umbrella was frozen.

Several children were playing snow in the street.  We started to sweep snow on our driveway and the street as soon as it stopped,  also helped our old neighbour.

Managed to drive to work on next day, all of colleagues were in the office except the manager!






IMG_5549_副本too heavy



20171214_120012116375127.jpgBack to live

Bulbs for 2018 Spring

Bought them  a couple of month ago, then completely forgot.  Some of them have started to sprout.

Planted on 7th Dec Thursday, just before snow and freezing weather. Most of them were in the flower bed, some were in pots.

Went to Homebase last Friday afternoon, spring bulbs were on sale, £1 for one bag, bought another 10 bags!

Hopefully next spring the garden is filled with colour .


First Batch
from sale



Allotment 2017 Nov: Seeds of Hope

This year didn’t spend enough time on the allotment. After nearly one month when we visited it again, it was covered with grass and the first frost had frozen the runner bean and shark fin melon.

Worked very hard last two weekends on digging and tidying  up, today finally put the broad bean and garlic in. Hope it is not too late, and they are strong  enough to grow in such cold weather.



Put broad bean in and hope on 11/11/2017
Garlic – four rows 25/11/2017
Found another two shark fin melon hiding in the grass
Celery- still growing
cold and sunny day
Allotment of the year


Photo: Glow

Last week WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge had the theme of Glow Had read some posts, they are beautiful!

After  two windy days,  the sun finally came out. I went for a walk in the nearby park in the late afternoon with my camera. The time was about the Golden Hour. The light was glowing, I took some photos with my phone, when I switched on my camera, it showed no memory card!

After  back home to get it, met an old lady, she was going to walk her dog. We talked as we were walking, I didn’t take any photos with my camera! But we had a lovely chat.

Two photos from my phone, I think they match the theme very well.




Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn is on the 15th of 8th month according to Chinese lunar calendar.  It is also known as Moon Festival as at that time the moon is full and brightest.  This year it falled on 4th of October. 
One of my friends gave me a piece of moon cake, a special food for the festival. 

I took some moon photos in the garden, a park and the Embankment last couple days. The weather was not bad, clear sky with shinning stars and clouds, but chilly.