Allotment: Harvest and Progress by June

We were away for about three weeks  between April and May, a lot of works were left far behind in the allotment.  As Marilyn moved away and two ladies , our left side neighbour don’t come as often as they used to, paths and our plot are covered with tall grass.  Weeds always grow better than vegetables! It doesn’t look good. Have been working hard to catch up – cut the grass and dig…

Summary what we have harvested so far:

Garlic:  sowed in last autumn / winter. At the early April the leaves were green and looked healthy. When we were back in May , the leaves changed to yellow.  They got fungal disease,  probably called Onion white rot because of dry weather in the spring. Almost all  bulbs are rotten, just a few are eatable. Only stir fried once flower stalks.

gralic_ 2017

Broad beans: sowed in last autumn, got black bean aphid after flowering. Luckily most of pods already formed. So it is not bad.


Strawberry: didn’t cover it with netting, eaten by birds and slugs and only had left over from them.

strawberry_2017 June

Garlic chives: for some reasons it doesn’t grow well this year, still very yellow…

Progress: Gradually moved sweet corns, tomatoes, courgette, shark fin  melon etc from the green house  to the allotment between May and June. Looking forward to another harvest.

Sweet corn and shark fin melon
tomato and courgette 
Have a lovely weekend!

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