Trip to China 1: Fly to Beijing

Bought the flight tickets two months ago, just after Chinese New Year. Last time we visited was one year ago, so we were very much looking forward to going and seeing families and relatives again. The flight was from London to Beijing via Paris.

It was a long journey: we took taxi and left home at 6 am UK time and got home in China about 12 pm Beijing time, in total  it was 23 hours!

Didn’t get much sleep on the plane, saw three films. The food was not as good as before, probably because the tickets were too cheap and so can’t complain. There were still many empty seats. Surprised to see this because it was just one day before Good Friday.

We took off from Paris around lunchtime and landed in Beijing in the early morning. The sky was clear we got great view of sunrise.

At the airport
Take off
Beautiful Cloud
The sun is rising
The sun is out
Here it is!
Above Beijing


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