Garlic Chives and Garlic

It’s very warm this weekend, today 28℃ shown on my car dashboard! 

On Saturday morning we bought two bags of multipurpose compost and one bag of farmyard manure.  Replaced the soil in the greenhouse with them, and then put the peper plants in. 

 Went to the allotment in the afternoon. Having been very busy, we haven’t done anything yet this year , no digging and weeding. The soil  was very dry because it didn’t rain  for a long time. Council   switched on the tap on the 1st April. The plants desperate need watering.  Due to the council No hosepipe policy, we had to use buckets to water them.  My husband did all watering job, about 30 buckets of water! 

The garlic and garlic chives are growing well. We cut some garlic chives and cooked dinner with it. Delicious….

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